06/10 News Roundup: WWDC Hangover

Most of the news post-WWDC is still round–ups and facts, so we haven’t had to suffer endless speculation about what it all means for the future of Apple. Well either that or I sanitized my RSS feeds of pointless douche-baggery.

Testflight Status Check

In case you don’t remember, Testflight was Apple’s attempt at public betas for iOS. Nick Arnott at iMore takes a look at how the process improved testing for iOS Apps and cites some improvements Apple could make.

Oatmeal Meets The Apple Watch

The Oatmeal is one of my favorite webcomics. Seeing that he made an Apple Watch review made me pretty excited to read an Apple Watch review. That may be the first time. There’s a good review in the middle of the jokes. (Language and final image are both NSFW.)

The Game Demo You Ignored

I am not the biggest fans of the game demos that Apple has during their keynotes. Often it’s a big franchise that doesn’t look all that interesting. Fornite broke that streak. The game looked to be a bit of Minecraft mixed with Sunset Overdrive. Epic used the game to show off Metal on the Mac, and as iMore reports the game will be out this fall.

iCloud Drive Gets A New Home

The first developer previews of iOS 9 came out yesterday. We’re starting to see the first articles detailing new features that weren’t mentioned during the keynote. The first to gain prominence is a dedicated app for iCloud Drive. As reported over on App Advice the App isn’t currently enabled by default, and must be activated in the Settings app. It is another sign that Apple is getting a bit more open with how users’ interact with iOS.

Repent with Move To iPhone App.

Apple is coming out swinging with iOS 9’s preview page. Android users are told there will be an app available that can help the migration to iOS from Android. The app isn’t available yet, but it is supposed to move free apps, contacts, wallpapers, bookmarks, mail accounts, and any DRM free music and books. Any paid apps you have will be added to your iTunes wishlist. It is interesting to see phone OS’ get complex enough to mimic Migration Assistant.

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