You Against Me Is Inventive Multiplayer Fun

What makes a card game really fun? A novel concept with easy to learn rules. The same goes for the digital equivalent, and You Against Me executes perfectly. The concept is really simple. You have a grid of numbers 1-25. You and an opponent take turns covering up the spaces with cards you draw. If you manage to surround a number either horizontally or vertically, it is locked and can’t be stolen. Each player has their own color, and each card has a different number depending on your color. You each have a draw pile, but you can draw the top card from from your opponent’s pile to keep them from locking a number.

I was really surprised by how well crafted the game looks. It has this cool retro vibe, something supported by the game’s soundtrack. It’s this bluesy little riff that reminds me a bit of Threes soundtrack. With Pass and Play and Game Center multiplayer, this game will have a lot of replay value.

What’s Good?: Easy to learn game, lots of single and multiplayer modes.

What Sucks?: Though the music is cool, it doesn’t turn off if you have something playing.

Buy It?: If you’re looking for a quick online or pass and play game, check out You Against Me. Get it on the App Store for $.99

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