Most-Watched Series Launch for Apple TV+ To Date

Most-Watched Series Launch for Apple TV+ To Date

Apple TV+’s latest series, “Masters of the Air,” has taken to the skies with unprecedented success, marking the platform’s most-watched series launch to date. The show, a gripping portrayal of the aerial battles of World War II, has captivated audiences worldwide, setting new benchmarks for the streaming service.

A Record-Breaking Launch

While no concrete numbers are available, reportedly “Masters of the Air” has achieved success, Apple TV+ has never seen before, surpassing the launches of notable series like “Hijack,” “The Morning Show,” and “Severance.”

What’s more striking is the ripple effect it had on the platform: the show’s premiere significantly boosted Apple TV+’s global viewership by 65%, with a marked increase in over 100 regions. This surge shows Apple TV+’s growing influence in the competitive streaming market.

The Heart of the Story

“Masters of the Air,” produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, is getting lots of praise for its detailed storytelling and amazing action scenes up in the sky. The show takes us into the lives of the bomber crews during World War II, showing us just how brave and skilled these young men had to be. Reviewers are talking a lot about how the series makes you feel like you’re right there with them, facing all the dangers of flying and fighting​​​​.and there are a lot of dangers!

The main characters, played by Austin Butler and Callum Turner, are shown as leaders who are brave yet remain very human, dealing with all the tough stuff that war throws at them. Even though some people wish the show would dive deeper into the characters’ backgrounds, most agree that “Masters of the Air” does a great job of honoring these heroes from the past.Our main duo

While the show has been praised for its engaging storytelling and action-packed scenes, it also faces some criticism. Some reviewers feel the series starts abruptly and lacks the character depth seen in Spielberg and Hanks’ previous works. The visual effects, particularly the CGI planes, don’t fully capture the realism of air combat, making some scenes feel less immersive. Critics also mention that the series follows a familiar war drama formula without adding new psychological insights or deeper character development.CGI is not the best

How To Watch “Masters of The Air” For Free

To watch “Masters of the Air,” visit Apple TV+. New users may explore potential free trials or promotional offers available for first-time subscribers, providing an opportunity to watch the series at no cost.

The last episode will be available on March 15. If you can hold out until then, here’s a tempting offer: Apple is still offering a seven-day free trial of the service. That means you’ll have a whole week to binge-watch the entire season and immerse yourself in the gripping world of aerial combat and camaraderie.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re planning to upgrade to an iPhone or any other Apple device, or if you’ve made such a purchase in the last 90 days, you’re in luck. With your new device, you’ll receive free access to Apple TV+ for three months. That’s plenty of time to catch up on “Masters of the Air”, providing you time to enjoy all other great shows available on Apple TV+.


“Masters of the Air” marks a big win for Apple TV+, drawing viewers around the world with its powerful war story. Its success shows Apple’s knack for creating engaging shows and sets a new standard for what’s to come on the platform.

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