Satellite Eyes, A Cool Live Wallpaper For OS X

If you’ve been looking for a cool live wallpaper for your Mac, we’ve got you covered. Satellite Eyes is a cool new live wallpaper that takes your current location, matches it with a map and displays the map as your Mac’s wallpaper. You can choose from different map styles such as a terrain map, illustration map as well as many others. You can also choose from various different map views, such as region, city, neighborhood and street. Finally, you can also add image effects to the maps. I think it’s nice that so many customization options are available for the app as it allows users to make their backgrounds truly theirs.

As far as the actual application goes, Satellite Eyes lives in your status bar. So when you need to configure its settings, just click on the Satellite Eye’s icon and choose Preferences from the drop down menu.

So, now that you’ve had the chance to read my mini-review of Satellite Eyes, you probably want to pick it up for yourself. Head over to Tom Taylor’s website to download Satellite Eyes for free.

Thanks, Franco!
Source: Tom Taylor

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