Protect Your Accounts With Have I Been Pwned?


There seems to be a new breach every other week these days, sometimes they get lost in the news cycle. That means that you aren’t always able to figure out what passwords you need to change. Have I Been Pwned? is a site where you can enter your usernames and emails and search for any breaches you may have been swept up in. It’s a simple interface, but it’s valuable.

If you’re an IT professional, you can also up to monitor all email addresses linked to your domain. This is something that will really come in handy if you know that people are reusing their password for your site/domain on the Internet. You can then lock down their accounts and force them to set a new password. This isn’t anything revolutionary, but it’s a nice resource.

What’s Good?: Easy way to look up and get alerted when your accounts get compromised.

What Sucks?: That hacks are so prevalent we need an alert tool to track them.

Buy It?: You need to use this to track all of your common usernames and emails. Check out Have I Been Pwned? here.

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