Jaybird’s Wireless Bluebuds X Headphones Offer Great Sound and A Perfect Fit

Headphones are starting to become an attraction when you own a mobile device, and the large over-ear headphones have become the norm. Small earphones are gradually becoming less popular and very few companies are capturing the consumer’s eyes with them.┬áJaybird aims to deliver the best Bluetooth headphones available for your mobile device; with Liquipel coating, warranty against sweat, 8 hour battery, and more, the Bluebuds X (169.99) are perfect for any athlete or trainer. This pair of headphones is primarily designed to be worn during exercise. No matter how intense the activity you are doing is,the Bluebuds will stay secure in your ear, while providing crisp sound.

In the Box

  • BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Buds
  • 3 pair ear tips (S,M,L) none installed.
  • 3 pair secure fit ear cushions (S,M,L)
  • 2 X-Fit cord management clips
  • Standard Micro USB Cable
  • Premium Protective Carry Case


This wireless pair of headphones aims to stay in our ears while performing intense outdoor activities. Tend to sweat a lot? No worries, Jaybird will replace/repair your headphones if damaged due to sweat.

The actual cable has a flat design; it’s not too short or too long. These headphones are tangle-free, as the cable itself is relatively short. Also in the box comes the cord clips; with these, you are able to adjust the length of the cable to your liking.

The headphones are charged via a Micro USB cable that is included in the box. The port hides behind the right earpiece.

In terms of signal strength, I found that I was able to leave my iPhone in my bedroom, and I could still go into the kitchen and listen music.

There is a three button remote on the right side of the cord, with volume up/down, and a center button, with many functions. Holding the center button for 4 seconds turns on/off the headphones. A green light on the earpiece indicates power on, while a red light indicates power off. It is able to play and pause music, start and end phone calls, and even activate Siri.

The Liquipel coating prevents damage from damage as well. The ear cushions come in three sizes: Small, Medium, Large. I find that the large cushions provide a deeper bass than the others. The headphones themselves don’t provide the best bass, but it’s decent.



The cord of the Bluebuds is relatively short compared to most headphones. I find the actual earpieces larger than normal. In fact, it takes a while to get used to the cushions. There are many ways to go about putting on the headphones. You can choose under ear, over ear, and use cord clips to prevent the cord from flapping around when you’re jogging.

The pair is lightweight, and if you would like, you can carry them around in the provided carry case. I usually just keep them hanging around my neck. The microphone, according to callers, does not have a muffled sound. I first thought that this pair of Bluetooth headphones would do a poor job in microphone functionality, but Jaybird proved me wrong.

In terms of sound quality, the Bludbuds do a great job of providing a noise cancellation system along with clear sound. To me, they have the crisp sound like the Apple Earpods, however, with noise cancellation and a more secure fit.


Overall, the Bluebuds are great headphones for intense activities. They offer clear sound without taking away features such as microphone functionality. The design is almost perfect, and the battery life is amazing. They are simple to setup, use, and carry.

The main thing I would improve on these headphones is the bass, although it is not terrible. A major deal breaker for these headphones is the hefty price tag of $169.99. However, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that will stay in your during intense activities, and don’t mind the price tag, the Bluebuds are surely for you!