Hire Someone Else To Attack The Darkness With Lords Of Waterdeep


Almost every RPG campaign you’ll ever play starts out with a mission from a mysterious benefactor. Usually, these are delivered in dark taverns. Lord of Waterdeep puts you int he role of one of those mysterious lords. You’ll need to draw quests, draft different classes of warriors, build taverns, and fend of your rivals. The game is set in the D&D world, so you’ll see a lot of familiar elements.

The tutorial for the game takes about a half an hour to work through. You get a good overview of the game. You can play locally via pass and play, but everyone who wants to play should do the tutorial. There’s a lot to this game, and I think you cannot easily walk someone through it. You can play online as well, though the game uses its own back end. The sign up process is pretty easy, but Game Center would make it frictionless.

What’s Good: Complex game with lot of options to play.

What Sucks: Multiplayer doesn’t use Game Center

Buy It?: If you are looking for a new take on the D&D formula, check out Lords of Waterdeep. Buy it on the App Store for $6.99

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