Hasbro Sacrafices Trivial Pursuit To Clone


Trivial Pursuit probably conjures memories of family game nights, the game box containing musty smells and questions about the Eisenhower years. Or if you’re a more active trivia fan, you’ve probably played one of the more updated versions that aren’t living in a closet at your grandparents. This game is one of those board games that is built into family gaming, and there was already a pretty decent adaptation on the App Store. This of course has been removed form the store, and replaced with a new version. This version is styled off of Trivia Crack, which isn’t a great decision to make with a classic game.

As far as clones go, they replicate the model pretty closely. You can play random people, or connect to Facebook and face your friends. There’s even a friend code that you can use to play against friends without sharing your love of trivia with Zuck. That may be this game’s one innovation. Well that isn’t quite the case. There is a new mode called Blitz that is essentially a ranked speed mode of the game. You face three other players seeing who can answer seven questions the quickest with the most correct. The questions are also way too easy, one of the things that Trivial Pursuit is known for is having more difficult questions. (Which was the impetus for the pop culture and branded editions of the games.) It’s really sad to see a classic game watered down like this. It’s a passable clone, and without the brand probably wouldn’t be getting such a bad review. The design style is also this hyper cartoon style, which is actually pretty neat. As you play you’ll get gems that you can use to purchase customizations for your avatar.

What’s Good?: Allows you to play games with friends without using Facebook, using a friend code Nintendo style.

What Sucks?: Takes a classic board game and converts it into a clone.

Buy It?: If you maxed out your available lives on Trivia Crack, or want social trivia minus the Facebook, check out Trivial Pursuit. Grab it for free on the App Store.

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