CM4 Q-Card Case: The Ultimate Wallet Case?

There’s nothing I hate more than having bulging pockets. Whether it be from a bulky iPhone case or a full wallet, it looks awkward and feels annoying. With this in mind, CM4 set out to fix this issue by making their latest case, the Q-Card case. In short, the Q-Card case is a basic TPU case with a flap on the back that stores credit cards, cash and rewards cards. While this case may sound good in theory, how does is it work for someone who has been using it exclusively for the past two weeks? You’re about to find out.

After I was sent a Q-Card review unit, I was reluctant to try it at first. This is because the back flap on the back of the case was extremely tight, holding only two cards. I tend to carry around three to four cards with me every day: my ID, debit card, a business card (or two) and my public transit pass. With this in mind, I thought the Q-Card case wouldn’t work at first. Luckily for me, this wasn’t the case. When you first get the case, try to jam three cards into it and let it sit overnight. You’ll find that the case stretches overnight, allowing you to hold five or more cards the next day.

The Q-Card’s design is absolutely stellar. The case is made from a TPU material around the front, sides and interior of the case. TPU is a special material that flexes and bends while still keeping its original shape. TPU differs from a standard silicone material because it isn’t sticky or tacky and has a smooth texture. The back of the case is made from two pieces of faux leather. This is where you can store your cards and cash. To me, these materials make for a very classy look, easily able to replace a standard leather wallet.

When using the Q-Card you have access to your headphone jack, dock connector as well as your speaker/microphone. The noise-canceling microphone is also accessible. One of my only major complaints about the Q-Card is that the power and volume buttons can be hard to press at times. The vibrate switch can also be a bit annoying to access as it requires a fingernail to activate.

All in all, I think the CM4 Q-Card for the iPhone 4/4S is a great case for those looking to slim down on their pocket bulk. The case is not only durable, but it looks nice. If you want to purchase the Q-Card for yourself, head over to CM4’s website where you can purchase the case in one of four colors for $39.95. While I do think this price is a bit steep, I think it’s worth it because not only are you purchasing an iPhone case, but a wallet as well.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.