ZooGue iPad case: A review

There are so many cases available for the iPad that it is getting harder and harder to choose. I have been using the ZooGue case for a few weeks now, and I really like it. Where this case excels and is unique is that the stand can be put into any angle.

This case has two small velcro areas on the legs of the stand, this means you can adjust it to be put into any position along the base. It is a great idea and offers you total control of the angle of your device.

Although it’s pretty unique, it has some good points and a few things to be aware of, but ultimately all cases will depend on your needs and how you will use the case. For me, I use my iPad mostly at night to watch tv, or read a PDF, and also during the day I like to have it up to see my calendar and tasks. Oh, and a fair bit of game time too, if I’m honest.

With that in mind, this case really works well for me. Being able to adjust it to watch movies or tv makes the case perfect for its function, and the case also folds completely flat.

Other great things about this case are the quality and sturdiness of it. The case feels very secure around my iPad and it made the iPad feel solid and invincible. You could probably play catch with the iPad while it is in this case and it would be safe, though I didn’t try it.

However, because of this sturdiness, it does add a fair bit of bulk, so where I was using my slim Apple case before, this case made my iPad a lot larger to fit into my bag. Previously my iPad was almost the exact size of a moleskine notebook, but now it is twice that size. It wasn’t a problem for me, but it is something to be aware of.

Also, the case is perfect for using in a horizontal position but it’s not ideal for portrait use. You can just tip case and iPad up on its side, but then it is just one angle. However, ZooGue has addressed this issue; they do offer a free portrait mount – just pay shipping and handling. I personally didn’t go for that because I didn’t find it a problem.

Another great point is that there’s an elastic and velcro strap attached to the case so that you can secure it to the back of a car seat (or other similar spots), which is a great addition. I also used the strap over the case when transporting the iPad so that it stays closed, which worked well.

The only slightly negative thing I found with the case was that those small velcro tabs, which make it such a great product, are also a bit annoying as they are exposed. Because of this, several times when I carried the case, it latched on to clothes or scarves, which I found a bit annoying. This was particularly bad in the winter when it hooked into my scarf if I carried it, which I didn’t like. Maybe they could put a small flap of material over these pieces of velcro to protect it in future. Still, it wasn’t a huge problem, just more of an annoyance.

Overall this is a tough case that will support and protect your iPad as well as let you view the screen at any angle. It feels like it will last a long time and if the small annoyance with the velcro tabs can be fixed then it’s a real winner.

You can get the ZooGue case for $49.99

Photo Credits: ZooGue

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