WWDC 2008: Updates.

Mostly because you know every single other “coverage” site is going to get hit hard, I decided I’d post updates here. Keep checking back as the keynote goes down.

You can join us in IRC if you want to chat while it goes down. server: irc.freenode.net chan: #macgasm

  1. everyones getting in, sitting down — get ready for a macgasm peeps!
  2. game on!
  3. Snow Leopard…. i think i just threw up. Seriously?Seriously?
  4. New iPhone functionality added “out of the box”. Exchange support/push email/contacts/calendars.
  5. Enterprise has interest in the iphone.
  6. SDK Talk.
  7. Listen live
  8. Beta application program has been a “success”, developers showing off some applications they developed.
  9. Sega making games. Interesting… could with see the iphone become a gaming device? 9.99
  10. Ebay native application.
  11. Core location: social network app:loopt
  12. You can see the location of your friends. Sounds pretty cool to me.
  13. Typepad: Blogging App for the iPhone
  14. AP app:can post news to AP directly from the phone.
  15. 2 More Games: Enigmo, puzzle app.. Cromag
  16. MLB App. For all you baseball junkies. Live updates of the games.
  17. Medical Apps.Modality.
  18. More apps… my A.D.D is kicking in…
  19. Push notifications, even when the application isn’t running.
  20. SDK updates over.
  21. Contact Searches, iWork docs sync, Word too.
  22. Save images from email to iphoto. Scientific calculator, rotate the phone and it appears, parental controls.
  23. Multiple language support. Japanese, Chinese, etc. Can draw the characters with your finger.
  24. 2.0 software released early july, free update for iphone users, 9.95 for touch users.
  25. Ad Hoc distribution, register 100 iPhones, and apps can be mailed around, moved around etc between them.
  26. Mobile Me.
  27. everyone gets push email/contacts/calendars. AKA syncing your stuff to all your machines, up to date, ready to use. Wirelessly as well.
  28. Works Mail, iCal, Address book, Outlook
  29. Web based applications as well. Me.com (how much did that cost?)
  30. mobileme replaces .mac,
  31. 20 GB of storage for $99/year.
  32. iPhone, 3G… more affordable.. Smaller, Camera, flush headphone jack!
  33. battery, 300hrs (standby), 5 hrs talk time. browsing 5-6hrs. video 7 hours, audio 24 hours.
  34. GPS
  35. More countries, 12 more countries…?
  36. Canada???? WOOOOOOOOT… here comes the credit card!
  37. Prices: 8gb 199, 16gb 299
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