Will more rejections arise after iPad launch

    People are excited about the iPad. There is no question about that, but are we going to see more app rejections because of this? Apple has policies that don’t quite make sense to the outside world. We can’t get replacement mail apps or replacement SMS apps for the iPhone. We don’t get the Google Voice app because it duplicates iPhone functionality. So, what will the new trend be for the iPad?

    The iPad is being promoted as the ultimate eBook reader. Apple is launching their own iBook Store, so does that mean that all of the books that are currently in the app store will be removed? What about Readers like Stanza or, more importantly, Amazon’s own Kindle app? Apple is going after the eBook market aggressively, so it seems like a logical extension that Apple would want to eliminate their competition.

    Sadly, if Apple were to reject apps like Kindle, Stanza, and Classics, this would ruin the iPad for a portion of the potential user base — even myself. I am currently planning on purchasing an iPad. As a Kindle user, all of my books are in the Kindle format. If I lost access to my library of eBooks, I would be less than pleased. We are still a few weeks away from the launch of the iPad, so let’s hope that Apple doesn’t try to assassinate the competition.

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