What’s the fuss with DRM?

    First thing I am going to say is, I know I am going to catch a lot of crap with this post. That being said, what is all the fuss about with DRM? Maybe I am weird, But I have no problem with it on the music that I buy from iTunes. I wish it was less strict with the TV shows and movies in iTunes though.

    I constantly hear people online complain about DRM, how many computers do you need to put your music on? I keep all my music on my iMac and use SimplifyMedia to share it with my macbook and my friends. I have never just burned a data CD full of music for my friends, If they want something I just burn it as an audio CD for them.

    If DRM is such a problem for you, then buy the actual CD and rip it to your computer, or Download off of Amazon’s horribly put together MP3 store.

    Where I don’t think DRM should exist is on games. Spore which recently came out has DRM on it. That is one I don’t understand. But I guess there is always that fear that they will make a image of the game and torrent it.

    Now like a lot of people, I used Napster when it first came onto the scene. I hated Metallica for going after Napster too. But I was always willing to pay for music if available and have it fairly locked down.

    Maybe I don’t have a problem with DRM because I am a musician and I believe that there needs to be some limitations on sharing music.

    I would really love to hear your thoughts on this subject. If you want to rip into me, then go ahead. But I am really curious about this subject and why so many think I am wrong for having the views that I have.

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