Weekend Read: OS X and Metal Analyzed

With the new version of OSX Apple brought Metal to OS X . Ars does a deep dive on the tech and found that performance gains depend on your gear. Something not as widely diverse as the PC side of the world, but varied enough to be of note.

We don’t have many real apps to analyze Metal with on OS X, since it’s still a brand-new operating system, and the kinds of apps that would benefit (some games, GPU-dependent or GPU-accelerated professional apps like AutoCAD or Photoshop) don’t usually pick up support for this stuff on day one. We have, however, managed to get our hands on a Metal version of the GFXBench graphics benchmark, which we can compare to the OpenGL version to draw some (admittedly limited) conclusions about Metal’s improvements

Source: Metal performance in OS X El Capitan: Sometimes great, often mixed [Updated]

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