And now a video of a kid getting hit in the face with an iPad for being a douche

Some people take their Angry Birds addiction a little too seriously, while others think it’s funny to be a douchenozzle while big-bro is trying for a new highscore. Put them together and you have a recipe for a flying iPad smash in the face.

No seriously, this kid smashes what appears to be his brother in the face with an iPad.

Lights. Out.

But let’s flip the script. Gaming on your iPad can be a hoot, provided you follow a few golden rules to avoid becoming the next viral sensation:

  • Personal Space is Sacred: When you’re deep into flinging birds or building worlds, make sure you’ve got enough room. You wouldn’t want your epic gaming session to turn into an accidental smackdown, would you?
  • Keep Calm and Game On: Getting heated? Take a breather. Remember, it’s not the end of the world if your high score gets beaten or your virtual farm faces a drought. Keep it cool, keep it fun.
  • Gadget Safety 101: Love your iPad? Treat it like the precious gem it is. A screen protector might save your day (and your face) from unexpected flying objects.

Remember, in this wild world, it’s all fun and games until someone gets an iPad in the face!

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