Twelve South is shipping the BookArc for Air

We reported on it when it was announced, and we reported when there was a fuss being made about the original BookArc not supporting the new MacBook Air, so now we’re reporting that the BookArc Air edition is finally shipping. Hurrah!

If you have a MacBook Air, and you’re looking for a nice stand for your desk, the BookArc makes a nice little edition to your family. I currently have my MacBook Pro sitting in one, and it looks great. The BookArc for Air is $39.99, a full $10.00 cheaper than the normal BookArc. Not too shabby if you ask me.

You should note that there are two edition of the BookArc. The first edition supports the current MacBook Pros, MacBooks, and the last generation MacBook Air. The device ships with grommets for each computer, but if you want to use the BookArc with the brand new MacBook Air, then you’ll want the BookArc for Air model.

Twelve South went with a new model because the original BookArc looked awkward when used with the new MacBook Air. We agree with them. Frankly, I think the original BookArc looks a little bit big with the last MacBook Pro as it stands.

We have no idea what’s in store for the BookArc if the MacBook Pro gets updated in the near future. Maybe it’ll fit in the BookArc for Air. It’s just speculation, but if Apple holds true to their promise about all their laptops going the way of the Air, then it might just happen.

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