Tuesday Tips: Enable Third-Party Sharing Options in iOS 8

iOS 8 brings with it new custom share sheets: In previous versions of iOS, you would have to rely on bookmarklets to add on to the built-in sharing options and hope that the JavaScript code would play nice on mobile. Now you can just use the native share sheet and enable sharing to installed Apps.

First, open Safari. You can do this using any of the installed apps with sharing functions, but Safari is the easiest. Next, go to a webpage—you can start with our fine website here.

Tap the share button. Slide the picker to the right past the defaults and select More.


In the popover dialog that opens, find the service you want to enable and slide the switch next to it to the “on” position. Tap Done, and that sharing option will now show up in the share sheet.


And that’s it. Those sharing options you just turned on will now appear in the Share sheet.

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