Tim Cook rumored to be announcing iPhone 5 October 4th, sans Steve Jobs

Pieces in the puzzle that is Apple’s marketing strategy are starting to come together, and they all paint a picture of an iPhone 5 launch happening on October 4th, though no official invites have been sent out. At the helm of this mega ship will be Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be Tim’s first major product announcement and the first time Apple’s fan base will get to really judge his ability to generate excitement and show how well Steve Jobs has prepared his protégé. (Mr. Schnell, please click here for a definition).

Apple is putting everything on the line here, and we aren’t talking about the public’s acceptance of the highly anticipated iPhone 5. In our opinion, Steve Jobs could have got on stage and sold us on a next-gen iPhone that resembled the Motorola Razr and we probably would have been chomping at the bit to get our hands on it. It’s what he is good at, dare I say born to do. That being said, Steve seems to trust Tim, and there doesn’t appear to be a reason we shouldn’t either.

Tim Cook has got MAJOR shoes to fill,  but he is already credited with a lot of Apple’s “behind the scenes” success. Credited with the transition of Apple’s manufacturing strategy to an outsourced model, Tim helped reduce on-hand inventory and streamlined the entire supply chain, reducing costs and spending across the board. That being said, he will now be way more visible, and that type of responsibility shift can’t be taught overnight.

One thing is for sure. Apple will be launching new products in the coming weeks, and for now, people will likely buy them. I just hope Mr. Cook can keep me excited and giddy while showing me the latest thing I’m going to blow an entire paycheck on.

Source: AllThingsD

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