The Curious Rat, Harry Marks, Joins Our Editorial Team

Last Friday we mentioned on Twitter that we would be announcing a new member of our editorial team today. I guess I shouldn’t keep you guys waiting any longer. Starting this week, Harry C. Marks of Curious Rat fame will begin contributing editorials to Macgasm.

We’re super pumped about his upcoming articles. There are very few link-blogs (Daring Fireball style) that I read these days, but Curious Rat is one that’s stuck around my RSS reader. If you would like to check out Marks’s writing style to get some idea of what he will be bringing to Macgasm in the upcoming weeks, we recommend starting with this particular article about the Microsoft Store.

You can also read his article in Marco Arment’s latest issue of The Magazine (No. 3).

We keep mentioning a major shift on the horizon here at Macgasm, and this is another step in that direction. We’re super excited to show you the changes, and where we’re heading. It’s going to be pretty awesome.

Welcome to the party, Harry. We’re super pumped to have you!

If you’re keeping score, we’ve also recently added Ian Betteridge and Cassandra Khaw to the team recently. Things are well underway… 

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