Survey Asks Which Smartphone People Would Never Use, Guess Who Gets No Love

Usually it’s the other way around, but a new survey by Raymond James analysis asked participants which smartphone they would never use, instead of which one they’d be most likely to use. Results of the survey found that BlackBerry is the device that most people would never use.

The study looked at consumer smartphone purchasing intent, and the results are a pretty accurate reflection of the current smartphone market.

As part of the survey, Raymond James asked participants which features would make them more likely to buy a new iPhone, Android or BlackBerry device: big screen, lower price, better functionality, etc. It also offered people the option of indicating a particular device that they would never use.

Of the consumers surveyed, 20% said they would never buy an iPhone, 31% said they would never buy an Android phone, and a lofty 71% said they would never buy a BlackBerry.

With Apple and Google really dominating the current smartphone market, and BlackBerry struggling to catch up, it’s not all that surprising that a poll like this would yield these results. BlackBerry has a huge hill to climb if it’s going to regain relevance in the smartphone market.

Image Credit: ABC News

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.