Skype finally does something about the critical vulnerability

There are a lot of times when a company gets flack for releasing an update. Skype has been on the hot seat since they released their major update earlier this spring. Not too many people were pleased with how it looked, or more importantly, how it functioned. I know I find myself cursing it at least once a day since the update.

Things managed to get even worse for those users who were quickly updating to Skype 5 — a critical security vulnerability popped up online. So if you managed to upgrade to version 5, you’re at risk, as we pointed out late last week. As of this afternoon, Skype has finally pushed an update to Skype 5 users (version If you’re running Skype at all, you may want to open it up and update your application.

I should also point out that Skype managed to sit on the patch until today because there were no exploits available in the wild. Sounds like an excellent security policy, doesn’t it?  It’s for reasons like this that people embrace App Stores.

Article Via TUAW

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