iTunes 8.0 Broke

    With the iTunes 8.0 upgrade, there are a few things that Apple managed to break while they were adding features and making it an absolute genius.

    The biggest thing that they broke, and is probably the most irritating, is the fact that if you’re watching a Video, and try to go to the Window Menu and switch back to it from iTunes, it does not work. It worked beautifully within iTunes 7.7 without any issue, so explain how you can break something that was working.

    The next thing has been mentioned before, but it still very irritating. The inability to do a shuffle of everything while you’re within Grid view. I realize that more people are going to opt to look for an individual artist, but I really like the Grid View, and want to use it as my primary view, but can’t always, since I want to just shuffle songs. If you’re within a specific artist (but at that point you’re really in list view), but it works, just not within the general Grid View

    Why it is that iTunes 8 doesn’t always eject a 5th Generation iPod? Can somebody explain that to me, why must I sit and hit the damn button three times before it finally ejects? This is ridiculous and unacceptable. I understand that I have some ‘antiquated’ iPod (ooh, a whopping 2 years old now) but the damn thing should still work as expected.

    And as a for generic iTunes rant, why is it that I can’t add my own damn artwork (which would look a hell of a lot better) to audiobooks? I mean, it makes no damn sense that I should get the crappy looking version of that is included with audiobooks. I mean, this whole Digital “RIGHTS” management is complete bullshit, but that’s a whole other rant.

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