Samsung Reportedly Working On Another Apple Fan Bashing Ad

Even though Samsung lost to Apple in court, it hasn’t stopped them from producing more ads bashing Apple users. In the past we’ve seen commercials that show Apple users waiting in line for a new iPhone, acting clueless, while someone wielding a Galaxy S II walks past them talking about their phone. And while I highly doubt this commercial got any iOS users to switch to a Samsung Android phone, Samsung seems to think that the commercial was a good idea. Why? Because the Verge just got exclusive photos of Samsung building a set for their next series of anti-Apple ads.

In the photo we’ve posted above, you can see that Samsung has set up a fake Apple Store complete with Macs and iOS devices. If you look at some of the other photos that the Verge has posted, you’ll even be able to see the sarcastic fake Apple flyers posted around the store. As of now, we’re not totally sure which Apple product Samsung is going after in this upcoming commercial.

Something about these ads makes me think that Samsung started this advertising campaign to make themselves feel better. Really, I can’t think of a single reason why a current Apple user would switch to Samsung products because of these ads. If a company is going to make fun of a competitor, it should make sure it’s making fun of its competitors’ products, not its competitors’ fans.

Bottom line: these ads disgust me.

Source: The Verge via TUAW
Image Credit: The Verge

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