Samsung Denies ‘Samsung Facebook’ Rumors

Earlier this week we reported that Samsung was working on their own social network, codenamed ‘Samsung Facebook’. Samsung’s Facebook clone was supposed to be integrated with all of their consumer electronic products, from Blu-Ray players to digital cameras. However, today Samsung is publicly denying that they have plans to create a Facebook-like service for their products, claiming that the rumor was “groundless” and untrue.

Samsung did say that they are working on improving ‘Family Story’. Family Story is a Samsung service that allows families to share memories via their smartphones, Smart TVs and tablets. This service was rolled out in February 2012 at Mobile World Conference and is only available for use with Samsung’s products and the web. Family Story allows families to share photos, notes, videos and even events with selected contacts, while at the same time ensuring no one is stalking your kid’s baby pictures. Samsung did not specify which features will be added to their Family Story service, but the end of the note said that Family Story “is far from a ‘Samsung Faceboook’ as some are claiming it to be”.

Source: Samsung via  PCworld

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