Rumour mill is saying new macbooks/pros are on route.

    Nothing scares me more then upgrading my Mac gear. I’m so excited to upgrade, but every time I venture over to I get this nagging little angel on my shoulder saying, "Hold off, new __________ will be coming soon." On my other shoulder, a bitch of a devil tries to seduce me into dropping my hard earned dough on new Phat L00tz, knowing full well how crappy I’ll feel in a month if Apple releases a spectacular new line of monitors or laptops. So, as a rule of thumb, I’ve decided that no upgrades will be had until new lines are introduced for the products I need. That is unless, God forbid, my laptop dies in the meantime. I’ve been blessed with a Mac Pro to accompany my gracefully aging G4 iBook, so I can hold out on that front for about a year. It should be noted, however, that I’m ready to buy, buy, buy, at the drop of the hat when Che Steve releases our new weapon against WinBlowz and M$.

    Anywho, back to the matter at hand. Apparently, AppleInsider has it on good authority that major reworks are coming for the MacBooks and MacBook Pros. I try my best not to get excited and thereby sucked into the abyss that is Mac rumors, but I just can’t help it. So…here…we…go.

    Appleinsider is saying "Of the two, the 13-inch consumer MacBooks will undergo the most significant metamorphosis, shedding their plastic enclosures for ones constructed from more eco-friendly materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel. People familiar with the matter say…The end result will be a more uniform Mac product matrix in terms of design and material usage, and a MacBook offering that will far outclass its rivals."

    Now, how can you not get excited by that. Excuse me.

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