Rumor: New Thunderbolt equipped iMacs to be released in May

Thunderbolt is on the way, and it may be coming to another one of Apple’s computers. According to AppleInsider, Apple’s preparing to release a brand new iMac in May and included in the rebuild is the fancy new Thunderbolt port that’s currently gracing the presence of the latest MacBook Pro systems on the market.

Thunderbolt is the new Intel technology that’s slated to replace USB and Firewire, as well as DVI and other technologies that require high transfer rates. Thunderbolt can bi-directionally push 10 GBPS across the connection, which is more than enough to stream a full quality Blu-Ray movie as well as transfer large files across a network at the same time.

Currently there are very few products that support Thunderbolt, but Canon has been rumored to be working on Thunderbolt enabled prosumer video cameras for the marketplace. According to Intel, Thunderbolt will begin to make its way into devices by late spring.

Article Via The Loop
Photo Credit: ride79 (via iDesk)

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