Rumor: Here we go again with the Apple Television

Everyone who tuned into the the last financial call heard that Apple was making a $4 billion dollar investment. Most of us left it at that and moved on.

Either we’re terrible at our job, or Dan Frommer is reaching. We’ll let you decide. According to Frommer, Apple might be making the investment in displays because they’re looking to move into the TV set market.

We have no doubt that much of Apple’s focus here is for its portable gadgets, such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, which represent Apple’s future (and a huge portion of its revenue and profits).

But might a move into the TV business also play a role in Apple’s investment?

For example, IPS technology, as Apple describes on its website, makes displays “look great from almost any angle.” That’s a nice feature on the iMac and the iPhone. But it would make a really great selling point for an Apple television.

We have no doubt that Apple’s looking to move into the living room as much as possible these days, but at this point, it’s a pretty big reach to say that Apple’s about to make the jump into TVs. The rumor has been around for a while, and much like the iPhone before it shipped, it just won’t go away. So it’s a possibility, albeit at distant one.

We won’t be un unboxing a 32-inch Apple Television any time this year.


I would be lying if I didn’t say that an iMac as a television hasn’t crossed my mind, but I don’t think we’re even close to that point yet. If Apple is investing the $4 billion over the next two years in technologies for a television, we’re at least 2-3 years away from something shipping. That’s a very strong AT LEAST, for the record.

Article Via Business Insider

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