Rovio opens first Angry Birds store in Finland. Parents beware.

For those of you who don’t know what Angry Birds is, stop lying to yourself. I firmly believe that every man, woman, and child has encountered the name at least once in their life. With that said, Rovio, the company behind the bird sensation, has opened the world’s first Angry Birds store in Helsinki, Finland!

I’ll be honest. When I first learned this, I was puzzled. Since when does an app company open a retail store? Then, I remembered that Rovio isn’t your average app company. Without a doubt, they have been the most successful company in their industry, showing that it doesn’t all end at the homescreen. The team has taken their trademark to the pajamas, the big screen, and now a rented retail space.

So what’s filling up the shelves? Well, we’ve got cookbooks (for what, I don’t know), school kits, and plush toys. Yep, that just about covers it all. Now, you might be asking yourself, that’s it? Apparently that’s what the people at Rovio think is necessary at the moment. But cut them some slack! At TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference last week, CEO Peter Vesterback said, “I’m going to take these balloons back and tell our guys to make these.” In other words, piraters? Watch out. Rovio will be letting you give them ideas. Finnish mothers, credit cards out.

Via TechCrunch

Plush toys everywhere!
Fun fun fun!
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