Ratings, reviews missing 14 hours and counting from App Store

This morning, Macstories reports that ratings and reviews on the iTunes App Store have been missing for over 14 hours.

As you can see from the below graphic, they are nowhere to be found:

Keep in mind that reviews are accessible through iTunes via a web browser. Additionally, both reviews and ratings are still viewable through the App Store application on iOS devices.

Fourteen hours of downtime is quite unusual for Apple, with no comment or ETA on a fix. It should be noted, however, that iTunes Connect was down for maintenance last night. As Apple usually “locks down” the App Store to developers over Christmas (and this year, Thanksgiving as well), we expect this missing feature to soon reappear.

In the meantime, we at Macgasm advise those of you needing your review fix to access them through the App Store on your iOS device. That’s what everyone does anyway, right?

We’ll keep you posted when reviews and ratings return to the iTunes App Store.

Article Via Macstories

Photo Credit: Lisette Voytko

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