Pixar Imaging Computer Pops Up On eBay, Starting At $15,000?!

Want to own a piece of Steve Jobs and Pixar history? Now’s your chance. Someone has listed a Pixar Image Computer on eBay, which features the original “tombstone” design and CRT monitor. And while this compter was originally built by the ‘Computer Division’ at Lucasfilm, the division was later sold to Steve Jobs and renamed ‘Pixar’, the animated studio now owned by Disney. But before Pixar made animated movies, they made computers. The Pixar Imaging Computer retailed for $135,000 and was never intended for the consumer market. However, it appealed to the medical, imaging and geological fields because of the Imaging Computer’s massive processing power. Less than 300 Pixar Imaging Computers were sold during its lifespan.

According to the eBay seller, he or she cannot test the Imaging Computer as they do not have the power cable. However, the computer is said to be in “museum quality” and only has one minor crack on the bezel of the monitor, though the seller couldn’t seem to grab a decent picture of it. The bidding has started at $15,000 and has a ‘Buy it Now’ price of $25,000. More information on the auction is available on the auction’s eBay page.

Source: eBay via TUAW
Image Credit: tomkin84 (eBay)

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