Path Wants To Stop Pinterest From Trademarking Its “P” Logo

If you’re a Path and Pinterest user, you may have noticed the striking similarities between the two logos before. While Pinterest is trying to trademark its “P”, Path is contemplating ways to stop this from happening.

Both logos feature white stylized Ps on red backdrops and could understandably cause some confusion. People are also pointing out their similarities to the long-standing Philadelphia Phillies logo, which also looks quite similar.

As Pinterest is in the process of trademarking its logo, Path has been granted an extension by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to challenge Pinterest’s trademark. This simply means that Path has been granted some time to weigh its options before it does anything.

Path could choose to legally oppose Pinterest’s trademark, although that might simply end up as a loss and expensive legal fees. It could also try and work out an agreement with Pinterest or choose to do nothing.

If you’ve been thinking about creating your own startup, perhaps you should make your logo something besides a white and red P.

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