Orca PowerStrap: An ugly but powerful battery pack

I’m not sure if this is totally awesome or totally hideous, but if you’ve ever run out of power, you might find yourself considering this PowerStrap. The Orca PowerStrap is a battery pack in the form of a watchband. The wristband has a USB plug that will let you charge your devices should you need the extra power. The USB power port lets you connect it to a wide range of gadgets, and the four LED indicators let you know just how much battery capacity is left. The Orca PowerStrip costs around £40 UK Pounds (about $64).

I currently carry around a ‘Power Monkey’ charging device, but the let down with the Power Monkey is that I usually end up holding my device in one hand while I use my other hand to hold the charger. It can be pretty awkward. The PowerStrap is appealing to me because  I wouldn’t have to hold it as it charges my iPhone.

But, there’s nothing elegant about this strap. It’s clunky looking.

The Orca PowerStrap will charge more than your iOS devices.  The PowerStrap supports:

  • iPod/iPhone
  • Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi
  • Sony PSP
  • Nokia (mini)
  • Samsung mobile phone
  • Female USB devices
  • Sony Ericsson mobile phone
  • Nokia mobile phone
  • Blackberry
  • LG mobile phone
  • Male USB (for charging the strap itself)

It does have an adjustable strap, so it should be one size fits all. If you can get over the bulky look of it, then this could be a great addition to your mobile arsenal.

Slight warning: I couldn’t find any information about how much power you actually have access to with the PowerStrap. My Power Monkey has a 2200mAh charge, which works out to being around 40 hours on an iPod. Hopefully the PowerStrap offers up a similar charge.

Article Via Oh Gizmo
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