Next iPhone Firmware Wants.

    Ok, first, I know that probably is not proper English, But I couldn’t think of any thing else to call it.

    With the recent firmware update for the iPhone (2.1) we have had a lot of things fixed: Better battery life, Faster backups, Better Reception, and apps that don’t crash as much and that don’t crash the phone. We even have an annoying feature with SMS Reminder notification sound. But we didn’t get things that I feel we need, such as copy & paste. I personally don’t see that as a need. I think people are making too big of a deal with that one. But I do think that we should have an option to hide the built-in iPhone apps, like Stocks, notes, Youtube, and so on. These are apps that I don’t use, and don’t want to be visible. I am not suggesting allowing us to completely take them off the phone, But give us the option to hide them. But then again, I think we should also have the option to add icons based off the the built-in apps. I started with a touch and there is a video icon for videos, when I went to the iPhone that was gone. I want the option to put a Movies icon/shortcut or TV Shows shortcut on my home screen.

    The other thing that I think we need is something that needs to be built into iTunes. Under the iPhone tab there needs to be a layout of what our iPhone screen looks like, not just the home screen, but all of them. That way we can arrange everything on our computers with ease, instead of having to do it directly on the iPhone. I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated trying to move things around just to get them the way I want.

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