New Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Ad Pokes Fun At Apple’s ‘Pencil’ Commercial

Keeping in line with Samsung’s often used “Apple critique” strategy for marketing its devices, the company has released a commercial that parodies Apple’s recent “Pencil” TV ad for the iPad Air.

If you aren’t familiar, the premise of Apple’s “Pencil” ad is a camera slowly zooms in on a pencil while a voice describes the object’s huge impact on society, only to reveal at the end that the ad is actually describing an iPad Air that has been hiding out behind the pencil.

This new Samsung ad goes a step even further, because behind that pencil, and then behind that iPad Air, is hiding the even thinner Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. The commercial then goes on to highlight the Galaxy Tab’s multitasking capabilities in comparison to the iPad.

I have to admit that I found the commercial to be pretty funny and creative, and certainly a whole lot better than the anti-iPad ads that Microsoft has released for its Windows tablets.

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