With Mozy you can back the F:\ UP!

Backing up our data is a very important task to do. Being Mac users, we are kind of spoiled though. With Apple’s introduction of time machine with Leopard, we all improved at backing up. But that may not be your safest solution. Sure, you are taking the right steps, but offsite back up is always a good idea too. Now you may say you have MobileMe and use iDisk for your offsite back up. Ok, that is fine, I do too. But I also use Mozy for my back up needs.

Mozy.com offers affordable online backups. For just $4.95 a month, you get unlimited storage space. That’s right, whatever you can back up, you are more than welcome to back up. However, since this is taking place over the internet, speeds depend on your ISP. My initial back up took 3 days to back up. But it is worth it. Plus, Most of us don’t turn our computers off that much any ways. Mozy also offers a free back up solution but for only 2 GB or storage. The nice thing is that mozy runs in the back ground at a time you specify. You select what you want to back up and if you accidentally delete something, you can recover it for up to 30 days.

Now I am not saying to stop backing up at home on CD’s, DVD’s or external HDD’s, But it isn’t going to hurt you to have some of your stuff backed up in other places. So give mozy a shot, if any thing try out the free service and if you like it, upgrade to a premium account.

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