Moo Announces NFC Enabled Business Cards, iPhone Users Cry

Stand out from the crowd with Moo’s new business cards with invisible programmable Near Field Communication (NFC) chips. In a blog post today, Moo announced the secret project that a small group at Moo HQ has been working on:

We’ve always aimed to upset the existing order within print – to do new things, think in exciting ways, and to go where no man has gone before. Starting today, any pack of Business Cards you buy from MOO will come with a little extra – a free NFC enable Business Card.

Here’s how it works. Moo will embed a tiny microchip and antenna in your card. When touched to a smartphone, the chip will transmit data. What you get the chip to do is up to you! Basically, it’s like asking the smartphone to do something like download your portfolio, play a video, load a web page, launch an app or just save your contact info.

Unfortunately, iPhones don’t support NFC technology so us Apple fans are out of luck here. Point goes to Android. Moo rubs it in by saying they will soon be releasing an Android app that will allow you to update what your card does.

I’m so sad.

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