Monitor sizes getting too big?

    I’ve been thinking about the size of monitors lately. We’re looking at replacing monitors at work, and currently some people are still using 17″ CRT monitors, along with some 15 inch LCD panels that we got back in 2003. While looking for new monitors,we’ve noticed that it makes more sense to buy a 22 inch monitor than it does to purchase a 19 inch monitor. At what point does a monitor become TOO big? Is it 24 inches, 27 inches, 30 inches, or 42 inches? I understand that having a huge 60 inch monitor for big conference room for presentations or to show graphs or even conduct video conferences. All of these are fully justifiable, but for a desktop when it too much real estate too much?

    This is actually a dilemma I’m facing. I just placed an order for new 26 inch Westinghouse 1080p monitor. It cost $249.99 with free shipping, so it’ll take longer, but I’ll wait to save the $20 to ship it. I’m just wondering if having a 26 inch monitor is going a bit too big. I’ve heard several people say that they bought 30 inch monitors and they end up downsizing because the monitors end up being too big. Yes, it’ll be nice to have more real estate in terms of my multi-monitor setup, but will it be too much?

    Is there a point where monitor sizes will stop increasing and they’ll just become a commodity like dvd-rw drives, and hard drives? Will there always be a competition because of ‘features’ like a display-port, USB Hub, or will all monitors just become the same and only manufactured by two or three companies?

    I can see if you watch a bunch of movies having a slightly larger screen would be important, but just for general day to day use is this important? Is having a larger screen like having backups or hard drive space, there’s no such thing as ‘too many’ or ‘too much’?

    What is everybody else’s thoughts? And what size screen do you, the readers, use on a daily basis? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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