Model sues Apple over sexy app photos

Imagine opening an app and seeing photos of yourself. Even worse, photos of yourself in nothing more than a bikini. Even worse, the app is called eXtreme Cam Girls. As reported by the New York Post, this did in fact happen to Rebecca Battino, a yoga instructor and model from Long Island. The photos were taken three years ago, when Battino was 16-years-old. How these photos got from iPhoto on her Mac to a random app remains a mystery, although theft has certainly been suggested. Not surprisingly, her photos have subsequently made their way around the internet.

Battino is suing both Apple and the app developer, Samba Studios, for $1 million in damages for copyright infringement. However, Battino does not object to the photos themselves, just to their use without her permission. eXtreme Cam Girls has since been removed from the App Store.

Article Via TUAW

Photo Credit: NYPost and Raymond Kaskey

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