Microsoft Shows Off Kinect Integration For Project Spark, Beta To Come In October

Microsoft has revealed some interesting new information regarding its upcoming Project Spark, and how Kinect will work in the game maker.

If it works, Project Spark sounds like it will be greatly enhanced by using Kinect. The device will allow creators to use it for both facial and motion capture, as well as recording sound effects and lines of dialouge:

At gamescom, Team Dakota showcased several innovative features for future “Project Spark” creators through the reveal of the “Project Spark” voice and motion capture, which uses the power of Kinect to bring you into the game like never before. Players can capture facial animations, body motion and voice and sound to create custom character animations, dialog or even cinematic cut scenes.

* Facial Expression Capture – Users can record their face and have it applied to an in-game character

* Animation Recording – Do a new attack, full body motions, gestures, etc.

* Record audio and modulate – Speak a line, singing, etc. Modulate the sounds in a variety of ways

The result is being able to make your own animations or even cinematic cut scenes when you combine all three (face + body + voice).

Project Spark is a type of game maker within a game, where players can build worlds and games from within the game world itself. Players can then share their creations, as well as download the creations of others and edit them to their liking.

If this new Kinect integration works as promised, Project Spark might end up being one of the coolest things about the Xbox One at launch. Microsoft also revealed today that the beta will be released at some point in October. If you’re interested in being part of the beta, be sure to sign up here.

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