Macworld: What I want to see.

    We are approaching that time again. Macworld is just 2 months away, and we can expect Apple to make some interesting announcements. But what’s left to announce? We have new iPods and new MacBooks. I guess there are a couple obvious things that could be announced though. A new iPhone model, most likely a big possibility. Sure we just got one in July, but that won’t stop Apple. Maybe this time they will do a 32 GB model, or offer even more color options. I think we will also see another big iPhone/iPod touch software update as well. We will also hear more about Snow Leopard and possible features that they have decided to add to the OS. Even though they have stated that this is just an update to make things more stable and go completely cocoa. But what else can we expect, or better yet, what else do we want?

    I think we will see a new iMac, possibly an even thinner model with only firewire 800 and USB, and also larger hard drive choices. A new mac mini would be nice. Maybe something more aimed at home theatre or media center with more focus on Front Row.

    I also think it is time Apple really starts to push forward with the Apple TV. Upgrade the hard drive to a choice of 500GB and 1TB. Heck, build a DVD drive into it as well. That would solve all my old problems. I would really like to see Apple integrate with Netflix, but that will most likely never happen. Maybe we will even see a hybrid of the Apple TV and a mac mini. That would be pretty sweet.

    I also think we will get a sneak peak into iLife 10′ and iWork 10′ with possible additions to iWork. Now this is all speculation with the “i” apps, but it would be nice.

    But when it all comes down to it, we will just have to sit back and wait. Hopefully Apple will be able to surprise us and bring us some great new toys.

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