MacGourmet: Manage those Recipes on your Mac

    I’m not a cook, but I love cooking. I’ve yet to have someone give me the skunk eye over something I’ve fed them, so I think I’m good enough at it that I’ll keep doing it. If people are gagging over your dishes, then this application is probably not for you, and you should probably step away from that skillet. Yes you! Step away from the oven. No, I don’t care if you think you can cook! Back away slowly!

    Ok, for the rest of us, managing recipes out of books is a little bit like being stuck 1850. If you’re addicted to your mac laptop like I am, then their is a good chance you have your laptop beside you while you cook. So, why wouldn’t we use it for our recipes?

    MacGourmet lets us do this. You can organized recipes into smartlists so that they automatically get filtered into the proper sections. You can rate recipes, add shopping lists, and make notes. All of the things I do on paper already. Sounds like I’ll be able to save a few trees in the process.

    The deciding factor for me was the HUD. Why the hell wouldn’t I use a cooking application with a HUD. HUDs make everything cooler!

    MacGourmet is 24.95 from Advenio

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