Macgasm Friday: Late Weekend Edition

    Hello! Chris here with the two-days late MGF.

    See, not that much happened this week in the world of Mac. Sure a new 2GB iPod shuffle came out, but we talked about that. There were some nifty software updates, like Handbrake and Adium, but we talked about those, too. There was lots of iPhone news, though, but I don’t talk about the iPhone out of respect for my Canadian blogmaster.

    Hence my lateness, kind reader. That, and I was pleasantly occupied sharing substitution duties with fellow MG writer Kenneth Gaines for this week’s Macgasm. Yes, quite pleasant indeed.

    So, with this lack of sustenance from the cornucopia of Cupertino, I come to you with an interactive MGF of sorts. I come to you with questions. I expect you in turn to come to me with answers. Let’s rap, friends.

    Here we go. Quaking with excitement, yes?

    Your humble author wants to know a few things: Of the apps you use, which do you absolutely love; which do you absolutely hate; which do you tolerate, but wish were better; which do you use, and you don’t know anyone else that uses?

    So then, let the discourse begin, and in the meantime, email me with things of import at chris(at)

    And do call Steve. I desperately need material.