Macam: For all of us iBook/Powerbook/Mac Pro users

    We all haven’t been graced with the luxury of built in iSights, so we have to get our webcam love some other way. For us, the less fortunate, underprivileged, users, we have to turn to crappy, Logitech webcams like our pathetic Windows brethren (… that makes me feel like I need a shower). So, if we want to videochat with family, our internet girlfriends, wives on business trips, we have been out of luck.

    Macam solves these problems. From what I’ve seen, it works wonderfully on my Mac Pro and on my iBook. The iBook showed some lag, but that could have been the terrible Rogers connection I was connected to wirelessly. It works well with Skype and iChat. If you’re in need of some webcam love, Macam’s for you.

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