It’s Showtime!

Busy much? Then you’re like me and you love a couple tv shows yet have a hard time being able to watch them or keep track of them. Whether you watch tv, record it on your PVR, Hulu, or download – this little iPhone-optimized Web application is very handy – Showtime App. This was developed using jQTouch — a jQuery plugin for mobile web development which makes it easy to make really slick iPhone web apps with simple HTML, Javascript and the jQuery library.

Now back to the Showtime app, you pick your favourite shows with a toggle switch, then…….that’s it, easy! It keeps a listing of the episodes of each show and notifies you with a little yellow star when a new episode is available. In the watch list, you will have a counter of how many episodes are available to watch. The Weekly Schedule screen is a new feature as of this month and gives a nice calendar week view of all your episodes.

The site boasts that it currently tracks 309 TV programs consisting of a total of 50,291 episodes. Not bad for a free app.

To get it, just visit in the Safari web browser on the iPhone and add it to your homescreen for fullscreen mode.

The developer took some time to make this web app easy to use and nice to look at, so you he deserves a buck or two, don’t forget to donate if you can. Honestly, I can’t even tell this is a web app and not a native iPhone app, great job to the developer.

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