iPhoto ’11 Calendar feature to return soon

When Apple introduced iLife ’11 a few weeks ago, the new iPhoto was missing a feature found on previous versions. The ability to create a calendar was gone. Rest assured, however, as Apple is on the case. In a support document released October 20th, Apple promises to add the calendar feature very soon.

Unfortunately, if you have created a calendar in a previous version of iPhoto, and then upgraded to the new iPhoto ’11, you will not be able to access your created calendar to order it. When the feature is restored in the newest version, you’ll then be able to access and order the calendar, so all is not lost; previously created calendars will be preserved. This could be a bit of a hitch for some people who were in the midst of designing their calendars, so the best bet is not to upgrade until the feature is restored. If you’ve already upgraded, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

It’s not clear why the feature was removed, or why it wasn’t ready for inclusion in the initial shipping version of iLife ’11. Is this a case of Apple being willing to inconvenience its customers in order to make something right? Or was it a failed attempt to phase out a feature under the radar?

Have you ever made a calendar in iPhoto? Is this a problem for you? Let us know in the comments!

Article Via MacStories

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