iOS App Store Search Gets Updated To Better Understand Spelling Errors

Apple has reportedly updated the functionality of its App Store’s search, in an effort to help show better results.

If you’ve ever misspelled an app while searching for it on the App Store, you might have wound up not finding what you were looking for. This would especially be the case when misusing a space while searching. TechCrunch gives the example of searching for “QuizUp” on the App Store, but not finding it because they typed in “Quiz Up”.

Apple has reportedly addressed these issues by making search more forgiving for users that didn’t type in the exact name. Below is a comparison of the results those on iOS used get when searching for an app compared to the results on Android’s Google Play Store.


While this likely won’t have any real effect in terms of app download numbers, it’s a nice usability feature that will help ensure users find what it is they’re looking for amidst an ocean of apps.

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