Intelligent Editorial: Obsolescence

    If you are a major fanboy shield your eyes. Hehe I knew you wouldn’t anyway so let’s get started. I am really sick of obsolescence, not only on Apple’s front but also anywhere else (HDTV sound familiar?) This, however, is an Apple site so I’ll stick to Apple topics. I know new products mean that Apple is moving forward but they also mean that you need to buy something new pretty often if you want to keep your product working. Maybe I am over-reacting and maybe not, but I am really sick and tired of needing to buy something new and as a kid not being able to afford it. Apple is a company, that I do understand. They, as a company, need to make money to stay alive. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that they need to support their products for longer periods of time. I’m not saying make software for the Lisa again but for God’s sake don’t make stuff obsolete so quick. I’m a recent convert so I still am critiquing Apple a little bit. Apple recently more than ever seems to be having a few problems. The stock drop for example. Through all of the problems however, they still seem to have a bit of a self-important “attitude”. When they made the iPhone closed to Software Developers that only seemed to further enforce that point. And, yes, I do know that here should be an SDK coming out. The attitude seems to be coming through a lot lately. As I close this I do ant to make it clear that if given the choice I still would never go back to the Windoze platform. I really love my Mac. I am just pointing out a couple of things that, on occasion, bug me about Apple as a company over all. Maybe I am over-reacting, and maybe I’m not. I guess you guys can be the ones to decide.