Intel delays next generation CPU, could affect Apple’s next machines


Uh-oh! Kathrin Hille over at Financial Times is reporting that Ivy Bridge, Intel’s next CPU platform, will likely be delayed.

In his first interview to discuss Intel’s business in China, Mr Maloney told the Financial Times that the start of sales of machines equipped with Ivy Bridge – the 22nm processor set to succeed Sandy Bridge in notebooks this year – had been pushed back from April. “I think maybe it’s June now,” he said.

This delay means uncertainty for the timeframe of Apple’s next hardware refresh. While this delay in and of itself might not mean much, it does bring back memories of the PowerPC days where IBM would make very bold promises, and then underdeliver in the end. That tomfoolery spread over a long period of time is what led Apple to split ways with the PowerPC platform. Frankly, being tied down to Intel must make Apple nutty. The upside is that AMD does make processors that run the same fundamental architecture as Intel, so Apple at least has that option available. Let the bidding war begin.

Will this delay mark the beginning of the end of Apple’s incredibly positive relationship with Intel, or is this just a small bump in the road? Sound off, and let us know what you think. Our Twitter handle is @macgasm and our Facebook page is here. The CPU wars of the early 2000s were lots of fun, and we’d love to see that happen again.

Source: Financial Times (Beware rogue JavaScript)
Image Credit: Alex Kerhead

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