Infinity Blade III Launches On App Store, Wraps Up Trilogy


If you’ve played the first two Infinity Blade games, you can now finallly wrap up the series. The game’s third and final entry, Infinity Blade III, was released today, just in time to be shown off on the iPhone 5S and iOS 7.

The game follows the same familiar structure that the first two set up for it. Players must follow on-screen swipe prompts in order to defeat obscenely large creatures, all while collecting loot and upgrading your character. Some of this entry’s main changes include you can now control two different main characters and that the game world is much much larger.

As for myself, I’ve always found Infinity Blade to be more of something I’d want to show off to my friends than actually play. While the graphics are excellent for mobile, the story and gameplay for me often tend to be fairly monotonous when compared to full fledged console games. Many people, however, remain big fans of the series, so you may find you love it too.

The game takes up about 1.5GB of storage and is going to cost you $6.99. If you like Infinity Blade but are in no rush to drop 7 bucks on the new one, remember that after a while these games have gone on sale for $0.99 to free. It’s not for everyone, and certainly offers a much bigger experience than most want from their mobile game, but if you’re looking for more of an expansive RPG experience from your iOS games, this one might have you covered.

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