iMacs are portables too. A case cruzer proves it.

Back in the late 1980s when the original Macintosh was all the rage, and government agencies were using the machines in their daily workflows, my father would bring home the computer from time to time. Sometimes he had work to do, and other times it was solely because I had asked him to. I was eight or nine around that time, and I’d have to say that that was probably my first foray into computers. It was pretty exciting being able to draw digitally on the computer.

Anyway, the times I came down stairs to see the giant blue carrying case sitting in the hallway were pretty exciting times for me. I often wondered why more people haven’t gotten into making carrying cases for the Macintosh lineup these days, but it seems like I’ve been mislead. Case Cruzer seems to have an entire lineup of carrying cases for the Apple lineup. They’re heftily priced, but if you’re in the market for a case that’s durable and would protect your pride and joy in the most tumultuous of moments then you might want to start your search here. The CaseCruzer website tosses the term “indestructible” around quite a bit, so we’re willing to bet that these things are pretty hardy.

It’s amazing just how portable an iMac is. We’ve been spoiled with the portability of laptops, but if you need a full fledge computer to take around to meetings, the iMac isn’t exactly a pain to cart around.

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